domenica 2 febbraio 2014

Danke a Daily Steampunk!

"The Steampunk webserieses in Europe are blooming at the moment. After Aether Affairs (see below) here comes another one: Steampunk Alchemist from Italy.
The webseries has been around for some time already and features several short episodes (somewhere between ten and two minutes each). Interestingly, it is done in a pseudo-early-motuion-picture-style, i.e. somewhat hasty motion and plates with descriptions and dialoge but all in HD colour. It is quirky, it is Steampunk and from what I gather, it is done by only two people, Sky Lady and Professor Alchemist! But take a look yourselves:

Steampunk Hands Around The World
Steampunk is a global community filled with vitality and creativity.

With more than seven dozen steampunk creators - bloggers, authors, event organizers, and others - also participating, this month long project is a multi format media presentation about the international connections and communications in the community, for steampunks and non-steampunks alike.

Beginning Sunday, February 2nd, and continuing until Friday, February 28th, the group will show and share through blogs, videos, and events, that steampunks everywhere are linked together and that new friends are waiting in every conversation.

Steampunk, in its many forms, brings people together in an inclusive and helpful network of similar mind. From sharing book and music review opinions, to playing the newest games and sharing DIY information on fashion and props, the steampunk community easily and comfortably brings together people ages eight to eighty in ways not often seen in other communities.

The full and updated-daily list of participating websites, blogs and events will be posted in the kick-off blog on the Airship Ambassador blog site:

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